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Bite Prevention - Help to Understand Your Dog

help you...
Understand Your Dog
  • An anxious dog might show a half moon of white in his eye or he may lick his lips or yawn. He may turn his head away or walk away. He wants to be left alone.
  • A dog that suddenly goes stiff and still is very dangerous and might be ready to bite.
  • A happy dog pants and wags his tail loosely. He may wag all over.
  • A dog with his mouth closed and ears forward and/or with his tail held high is busy thinking about something and does not want to be bothered.
Check to see if you KNOW what your dog is thinking... 
  • Green border - dog says "it's okay."
    (as long there is suitable adult supervision/permission)
  • Red border - dog says "stay away!"
    (even if it is your own dog or handler says it is OK to pet him)
Clipper is happy
Clipper doesn't want to share

Lola is telling you to stay away
Lola is happy

Shelby is calm and happy
Shelby is worried

Cricket is happy
Cricket is interested

Trevor is alert
Trevor is relaxed

Sam is alert to danger
Sam is happy

Kona is worried
Kona is happy

Lily is happy
Lily and her friends don't
want to share the couch

Blucher is happy
Blucher is worried

Jack is telling you to stay away
Jack is calm and happy

Savannah is happy
Savannah is telling you to stay away

Jubilee is happy
Jubilee is alert to danger

Bear is afraid
Bear is happy

Don't Miss Seeing These Stress Signals
at Liam J. Perk Foundation


A dog does not need to
be vicious to bite.
All dogs have the capability of biting.
They will if they want to and
there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it when it happens. 

Dogs can bite in .025 seconds. 
That's what people need to know.

 Help us prevent dog bites by learning your dog's signals. Dogs have feelings and emotions.  Sometimes just like you they don't want to be bothered. 

The same dog will have many signals that are called body language—some say "it's okay" and some say "stay away!"

Jodee Kulp, ABCDT has been a proud member of DogGone Safe Since 2009 

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